Monday, July 30, 2012

Trying a New Approach to Rocksmith Events

I used to try to get my songs up to 70k before I'd play them in an event. But, I recently realized - as I worked my way through the last few songs in the original RS song list - that the songs will show up in events again and again with increasing qualifying scores. So, when I reached the end of the original song list and songs started showing up on set lists for a second time, my qualifying scores were WAY up there - like 90k. That's practically mastering the song! Had I just played the events without trying so hard, I could probably have played the songs in at least a few events each before I started seeing such high qualifying scores.

I bought some new DLC recently, so that showed up on a set list with more realistic qualifying scores. I decided to take this opportunity to try a less ambitious approach to events. Instead of working on the songs until I had them at least half-way mastered, I just ripped into my most recent event after meeting the minimum qualifying scores. Actually, since I qualified all 5 songs on my first play through, I didn't really do the event until I had played each song a couple of times. I didn't do any riff repeater work or anything. Just refreshed my memory by running through the songs before I actually started the event.

The event went OK, I guess, considering that I barely knew how to play the songs and was probably playing maybe 50% of the song. I got an encore. Unfortunately, it was a MM encore, of course. And, funnily enough, even though it was my first mastered song that I've played a couple hundred times, it took me several measures to remember how it went! So, no double encore.

At least this time I got an encore. Could have been worse. Now I'm anxious to see what comes up next. Will my new DLC songs keep showing up until I get the scores up to the level of my other songs? Or, will they appear randomly, mixed in with other songs that I've worked hard on? We'll see.

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