Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rocksmith Tracking Spreadsheet Project

I am close to releasing my Excel spreadsheet for Rocksmith progress tracking. I'll probably just make them available on Amazon or something like that. They'll be cheap. I plan to offer a hard copy version in a spiral binder as a rehearsal notebook that you can manually enter your scores and other notes in. You can transfer all that data directly to identical Excel workbook pages on your computer if you choose to do that. If you enter the scores, you'll get nifty charts that show your progress on each song automatically.

If you've followed this blog and looked at the Progress Tracking pages you've seen what I've got.

Basically, the spreadsheet workbook has one page per song where I enter my scores, accuracies, and streaks along with rehearsal notes. For each song, there's also a graph which automatically plots the scores to give a visual representation of progress. I may add lines for accuracy and streak, but I'm still messing with that idea.

Right now I have lines and entry pages with automatic graphs for the Event versions of all of the songs that came with RS originally. I've also completed lines and pages for all variations of most of the songs (i.e. all the single note and combo and chord arrangements for songs which have them).

I've got 23 songs left to do alternate arrangements for, so probably about 45 more pages to add to my workbook.

I've also got a bunch of DLC songs to do. I've only done tracking pages for the DLC songs that I've actually downloaded myself at this point, so I've got 28 DLC songs left to do as of today. If they add any DLC this week, that'll just add to my workload.

Hopefully I'll wrap this up very soon and have copies ready for anyone interested.

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