Monday, April 16, 2012

A Very Annoying Habit which Costs me RSP Points!

My newest axe is a strat-styled model with a volume knob very near the bridge pickup/bridge. When I play, I apparently rest my hand near the bridge (even when I'm not playing palm mutes) and somehow occasionally "hook" the volume knob with my pinky!

The other night this happened again during a song. I was playing pretty well when suddenly I was getting "Missed Palm Mute" and "Phrase Level Down" messages, no notes lighting up, and my score sat still. What the hell???

Turns out I had hooked my volume knob again - turned the volume output of my guitar to ZERO. This had an obvious and immediate effect on my RS score.

So, if you're playing and suddenly everything seems to have fallen apart on you, it might not be your playing. It might just be that RS isn't hearing you. Check the volume knob!

Not sure how I'm going to address my hooking issue. I'm not inclined to move my hand - where I keep it is comfortable for me. I'm leaning toward installing a different type of knob or even a different pot that is either harder to turn or possibly just isn't very comfortable to touch with my pinky. Suggestions are welcome.

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