Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Hallowe'en Visitor Who Isn't On Rocksmith

We had a rock star at the house for Hallowe'en last night. See if you can guess who it was from this photo:

None of his stuff has made it to Rocksmith yet, but maybe some day. I happen to know that he plays Rocksmith often now that he's got this new Strat (to replace the axe he smashed up at the music awards).

This guy also showed up, looking a bit like Keith Richards:


  1. OK, so I made it through the whole blog now.... Don't leave me hangin. Are you still playing RS? Did you do the Christmas songs live? How'd it go?

    Found your blog after picking up RS for PC - I play bass (cough - "play" is an exaggeration) and find it fun, but I'm glad that I have had some previous background in it, even if only a little.

    So - what's happened in the last 3.5 months? Let us know....

    1. Skydvr: Sorry man! I have been a huge slacker, but I'm back. Yes, I'm still playing and am dangerously close to making Level 11! I've got a new post to get everybody up to date on my latest.

      Great to hear that you're playing bass on RS. I haven't been doing much bass lately. I need to catch up on that, too! Anyway, there's a new post for you to check out, complete with my updated progress table.