Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rocksmith 2014 Notes - Just Info. No Complaining.

I'm starting this page on the blog as a place to list tips, tricks, quirks, and work-arounds as I find them while playing. No opining about what's good or bad. No whining about how old Rocksmith was better. Just useful stuff that I discover along the way consolidated onto one, easy-to-read page.

User Manual is buried in the Tools/Options menu. Not helpful unless you are completely new to your console. Mainly talks about very basic issues like controller button mapping.

Turn off your XBox Kinect if you have one. Apparently RS-2014 allows for the use of voice commands through Kinect sensors, which might be easier than keeping an XBox controller nearby while you play. But, background noises from the game itself may be interpreted as voice commands causing the game to do weird, random things that you never told it to do.

Reverse the order of the song list after sorting using the LB button on the XBox controller.

My left stick is hyper-sensitive when navigating and selecting menu items. Get around this by using the D-pad to scroll up and down among menu selections.

Somewhere I read that there are 7 Unlockable Songs on RS-2014. My songlist when I'm playing the game only shows 1 unlockable song. The official list of songs from the RS website actually shows 8. 

The only way to start Riff Repeater is by going to Learn a Song from the Main Menu, starting the song, and then pressing the B (Back) button on your controller. Once you're in RR, there are 2-3 ways out. Go to the RR Pause Menu. From there you can Resume, Restart, or Exit Song. Exit Song is the option that actually Exits Riff Repeater. The others take you back to RR but at different places in your chosen song.

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