Monday, December 23, 2013

Can't Stay Connected to XBox Live with Rocksmith 2014

This may just be an XBox issue. Or an XBox Live issue, to be more precise.

But, it might be a Rocksmith 2014 issue. I'd like to know if anybody else is having this problem.

It started about a week ago. Right about the time my XBox pushed one of those periodic, unwanted "updates." The kind where you basically agree to accept the update or forget about playing your XBox. No matter how useful or good the update might be, I resent having things forced on me like that. So, XBox updates automatically become the primary suspect any time my XBox starts acting weird.

However, other than an issue with one specific TV series I've been watching on Netflix*, my XBox has been working perfectly normally lately - except for when I play Rocksmith.

I can sign into XBL (XBox Live) with no problems. I can sign in dozens of times a night. I get signed in every single time without a hitch. BUT, within a couple of minutes, I get kicked right out of XBL and the little "Disconnected from XBox Live" message pops up on the bottom of my screen.

This means that none of the time I spend playing is getting logged on my 60-day challenge tracker. Also, none of my achievements or G-points are being credited to my XBox Live Gold account. Most significantly, I can't post any Score Attack scores to the Leaderboards!

To make things even more strange, occasionally I'll be signed back into XBox Live without actually doing anything myself. Just out of the blue I'll get a message saying that I'm signed in. Doesn't seem to be anything specific that consistently kicks me out or causes me to be signed back in. Just completely random aggravation.

Important to note: I can still play RS2014 just fine. This issue hasn't stopped me from playing - just stops me doing anything online. There HAVE been some other oddities, though. Last night the tuner seemed to lock up on me once - but that may have been user-error. I'm embarrassed to admit that I forgot to plug my wireless transmitter into my guitar at one point last night and got a little tweaked trying to figure out why no sound was coming out of RS. . . It happens. But, my tuner freeze-up was a separate incident.

Also, Riff Repeater started a mildly strange behavior last night. RR would give me a Level Up message every single time I played the phrase - even if I didn't actually level up the phrase. Don't remember that happening before. Maybe it was just the song? (I was working on the intro phrases to Smooth by Santana, in case anybody from Ubisoft/RS support is reading this and wishes to check into it). RR also has a strange habit of reverting to 75% speed after I make a full 100% speed/100% level run. Not sure if that's a bug or just weird programming concept.

I popped into the Ubisoft/Rocksmith forum to see if anybody else was experiencing this. Results were inconclusive. I found a handful of threads dealing with various issues, but nothing exactly like my random disconnect issue.

*Netflix: I've been watching Chuck lately on Netflix. Each episode is about 42 minutes long. Until a couple of nights ago XBL would disconnect right at the end of each episode, about 2-3 minutes from the end. Which, of course, was maddening! I mean, I knew what happened, but I sort of like to SEE it without having to reconnect, restart Netflix, sign back into Netflix, reload the episode, and scroll to the very last scene. . . Call me fussy. However, the problem with Chuck seems to have gone away magically. My RS2014 issue continues.

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