Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The 47 Rocksmith 2014 XBox Achievements

When I earned the Ernie Ball Long Streak Special achievement, I had to look on XBox Live to figure out what I had done. Since I was checking out XBox Achievements, I figured I'd check out all the new Rocksmith 2014 XBox achievements just to see what's out there. (Sony may have a similar achievement-like program for PlayStation - I have no idea.) Figured I'd just go ahead and make this a page to track my achievement-earning, but you can browse through the list below to see what you have to do to earn each achievement.

There are 47 XBox Achievements for Rocksmith 2014. So far I've earned 18 of them, including the Ernie Ball one. I don't know how product placement deals work in software or games, but I'm cool with Ernie Ball getting involved with Rocksmith. More exposure could only help with getting more songs licensed. There are also "sponsored" achievements from Eden, Marshall, and Orange amps.

These are the in-game achievements. Achievements are not the same thing as Missions. There are apparently over 500 missions in Rocksmith 2014. You get achievements for completing 214 and 500 Missions.

You can review your achievements on your Xbox Live account Social page. This is also where you can see your progress on the 60-day challenge. You can also view your XBox achievements on your Ubisoft.com Rocksmith player profile page, if you have one of those.

Each XBox achievement earns you between 5 and 50 "G-points." I have absolutely no idea what you can do with these G-points, but there are 1000 possible altogether.

Without further ado, here they are, straight from the XBox live webpage, the 47 XBox Achievements you can earn on Rocksmith 2014:

[colored icons are the ones I've earned to date. . . ]

  1. One More Song!
    One More Song!
    Use the One More Song feature (in Nonstop Play). If you're an achievement whore and just trying to collect all 47 as fast as you can, just set Nonstop Play to 5 minutes and select "Play One More Song" when your time runs out. Done.
    10 G-points. Unlocked on 12/12/2013
  2. Jam-a-thon
    (Even the achievements think this should be called a "jam," not a "session.")
    Keep the band alive for over 12 minutes in Session Mode. This means you have to actually play. You can't just turn on Session Mode and let it sit idle for 12 minutes. . .
    20 G-points. Unlocked on 12/12/2013
  3. Ernie Ball’s Long Streak Special
    Ernie Ball’s Long Streak Special
    Get a streak over 250 that bridges multiple songs. For example, you end one song with a 150 note streak and play a 100 or longer note streak at the beginning of the very next song you play. Seems like this achievement would involve a free set of strings or an Ernie Ball T-shirt or something. . . But it doesn't. Just 20 G-points on XBox Live.
    20 G-points. Unlocked on 12/9/2013
  4. Perfect Game (Medium)
    Perfect Game (Medium)
    Get Platinum (100%) on Score Attack Medium, Hard or Master
    50 G-points. Unlocked on 12/9/2013
  5. Perfect Game Hard
    Perfect Game Hard
    Get Platinum on Score Attack Hard or Master
    50 G-points. Unlocked on 12/9/2013
  6. Perfectly Perfect Game (Master)
    Perfectly Perfect Game (Master)
    Get Platinum on Score Attack Master. Do this before you earn achievements 4 or 5, above, or 8, below, and you'll get all 4 achievements at once.
    50 G-points. Unlocked on 12/9/2013
  7. 0.1% of the 10,000 Hour Rule
    0.1% of the 10,000 Hour Rule
    Play Learn a Song for 10 hours. Total. Not all at once!
    15 G-points. Unlocked on 12/5/2013
  8. Perfect Game (Easy)
    Perfect Game (Easy)
    Get Platinum on Score Attack Easy, Medium, Hard or Master. 
    50 G-points. Unlocked on 12/2/2013
  9. Proved It...
    Proved It...
    Clear 1 song on Score Attack Master. Apparently "clearing" a song means playing through it without striking out. So, Silver or Gold Pick level performances only.
    30 G-points. Unlocked on 12/2/2013
  10. I Learned to Play a Song
    I Learned to Play a Song
    Achieve 100% Mastery on any song
    15 G-points. Unlocked on 12/2/2013
  11. Ready to Session
    Ready to Session (or "jam" would work. . . )
    Complete 4 Session Mode Missions
    10 G-points. Unlocked on 11/25/2013
  12. Waking the Neighbors
    Waking the Neighbors
    Play Session Mode between 11:59pm and 3am
    10 G-points. Unlocked on 11/25/2013
  13. Now, That's Dedication
    Now, That's Dedication
    Play Rocksmith 2014 on 5 consecutive days
    20 G-points. Unlocked on 11/25/2013
  14. Marshall Gear
    Marshall Gear
    Create and save a tone using Marshall gear. Another product placement achievement. But, you won't get a Marshall amp or even a T-shirt for this one.
    5 G-points. Unlocked on 11/23/2013
  15. Orange Gear
    Orange Gear
    Create and save a tone using Orange gear. See above. Not even a discount on the amp. . .
    5 G-points. Unlocked on 11/23/2013
  16. Not Your Favorite?
    Not Your Favorite?
    Exclude a song from the Nonstop Play playlist. This is a cool feature! But, I can't quite remember how to do it. . .
    5 G-points. Unlocked on 11/22/2013
  17. Nailed It!
    Nailed It!
    Play a Solo at >95% Accuracy
    10 G-points. Unlocked on 11/17/2013
  18. Welcome to Rocksmith 2014
    Welcome to Rocksmith 2014
    Complete Soundcheck. Clearly these achievements are listed in no particular order. Pretty sure this would be the first one anybody would earn when they start RS2014 for the first time. As the name would suggest.
    5 G-points. Unlocked on 11/17/2013
  19. I Learned to Play 10 Songs
    I Learned to Play 10 Songs
    Achieve 100% Mastery on 10 songs.
    40 G-points. 
  20. 0.25% of the 10,000 Hour Rule
    0.25% of the 10,000 Hour Rule
    Play Learn a Song for 25 hours. Anyone know what the 10k Hour Rule IS? Or what happens when you reach 10,000 hours? Does the disc self-destruct? Do you win a Marshall or Orange amp and an Ernie Ball T-shirt? Or, what?
    30 G-points.
  21. Rocksmith Is My Teacher
    Rocksmith Is My Teacher
    Complete 50 RS Recommends items (these are those things in LAS Mode that I call "Learning Tasks").
    20 G-points.
  22. I Know Guitar Techniques
    I Know Guitar Techniques
    Hit all guitar techniques at least once
    20 G-points.
  23. I Know Bass Techniques
    I Know Bass Techniques
    Hit all bass techniques at least once. I'd actually like to see a more objective standard here. I mean, just "hitting" all the techniques is easy. How about raising the bar a bit? Make us reach some level of competence!
    20 G-points.
  24. I Know Chords
    I Know Chords
    Successfully play 30 unique chords. That's, like, 10x as many as you need to be a rock star! It's not really clear whether you have to play these in a song or during a Session Mode or lessons or what.
    20 G-points. 
  25. Try It, You Might Like It
    Try It, You Might Like It
    Play all Rocksmith 2014 songs at least once
    20 G-points.
  26. Eden Gear
    Eden Gear
    Create and save a tone using Eden gear. There it is - the last product placement achievement. A good one. I'd never heard of Eden gear until it appeared in RS2014. So, guitar equipment manufacturers, take note!
    5 G-points.
  27. Epic Session
    Epic Session
    Complete 60 minutes in Session Mode. That would be a long damn improv'. . .
    20 G-points.
  28. Playing the Field
    Playing the Field
    Play with over 50 instruments. ??? Not sure quite what this means, but I'm guessing it involves the back-up bands used in Session Mode.
    20 G-points.
  29. Secret Achievement
    Secret Achievement
    Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    ?? G-points.
  30. Secret Achievement
    Secret Achievement
    Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
    ?? G-points.


    Pretty self-explanatory. All 11 of these require you to score 10 million points on each respective Guitarcade game. Each good for 20 G-points. Good luck.
  31. Who Needs a Dog?
    Who Needs a Dog?       
    Score at least 10,000,000 points in Ducks ReDux
    20 G-points.
  32. Blowhole Surfers
    Blowhole Surfers
    Score at least 10,000,000 points in Gone Wailin’
    20 G-points.
  33. Thank God Your Safe!
    Thank God Your Safe!  (or, Thank God You'RE Safe. . . )
    Score at least 10,000,000 points in Ninja Slide N
    20 G-points.
  34. Fellowship of the Strings
    Fellowship of the Strings
    Complete all 6 levels in a Scale Set in Scale Warriors
    20 G-points.
  35. Return of the Strings
    Return of the Strings
    Complete all 3 levels in a Progression in Return to Castle Chordead
    20 G-points.
  36. You’re All Clear, Kid!
    You’re All Clear, Kid!
    Score at least 10,000,000 points in Star Chords
    20 G-points.
  37. Note Track
    Note Track
    Score at least 10,000,000 points in Hurtlin' Hurdles
    20 G-points.
  38. Bells, but No Whistles
    Bells, but No Whistles
    Score 10,000,000 points in Harmonic Heist
    20 G-points.
  39. Pacific Coast Noteway
    Pacific Coast Noteway
    Score 10,000,000 points in Scale Racer
    20 G-points.
  40. The Lost Arch
    The Lost Arch
    Score 10,000,000 points in Temple of Bends
    20 G-points.
  41. Getting Served
    Getting Served
    Score 10,000,000 points in String Skip Saloon
    20 G-points.

  42. Pwned Score Attack (Easy)
    Pwned Score Attack (Easy) Pretty sure this is supposed to be "Owned" but on XBL it says "Pwned."
    Clear 50 songs on Score Attack Easy, Medium, Hard or Master.
    10 G-points.
  43. Destroyed Score Attack (Medium)
    Destroyed Score Attack (Medium)
    Clear 30 songs on Score Attack Medium, Hard or Master. But NOT Easy.
    30 G-points.
  44. Demolished Score Attack (Hard)
    Demolished Score Attack (Hard)
    Clear 20 songs on Score Attack Hard or Master. But NOT Easy or Medium. See what they did there?
    40 G-points.
  45. ...and It Wasn't a Fluke
    ...and It Wasn't a Fluke
    Clear 15 songs on Score Attack Master. You get the idea. . .
    50 G-points.
  46. Mission 214
    Mission 214
    Complete 214 Missions. (You know. As in Rocksmith 2014. . . Get it?)
    20 G-points.
  47. Hitting .500
    Hitting .500
    Complete 500 Missions. Which begs the question: Just how many missions ARE there?
    20 G-points. And, really? Only 20 G-points for this? OK. . .

There are 4 Perfect Game achievements for getting 100% accuracy when playing a song in Score Attack. The 100% I pulled off the other night on God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen got me all four of them at once. Apparently if you pull off a Platinum level performance (100% accuracy) in Master Mode - a Perfectly Perfect Game - you get the Perfect Game achievements for Hard, Medium, and Easy modes, too. By skipping straight to Master Mode I got 4 achievements for the price of one. Apparently the same sort of idea applies to the 4 song-clearing achievements (#42, 43, 44, and 45).

There are also 4 achievements for "clearing" songs in Score Attack. "Clearing" a song appears to mean getting through the song without striking out. So, either a Silver or Gold Pick level performance. That obviously gets harder to do as you play harder levels of Score Attack, but it's very doable, especially if you pick easier songs for the harder levels. (An updated ranking of Rocksmith 2014 songs by difficulty is coming; I'll be comparing the results of sorting the song list in Rocksmith 2014 by difficulty and the results of using my home-built difficulty calculation.)

Just like in the original RS, there are several achievements for Guitarcade games. In RS2014, you have to score 10,000,000 on each game to get the achievement. Which means I'll probably never see any of these achievements. If you're into the Guitarcade games you've got the potential to snag almost 25% of the 47 achievements.

There are three or four achievements related to how much time you spend playing, with at least two references to a "10,000 Hour Rule." Very curious to know what THAT rule is all about. At 2 hours per day, it would take you almost 14 years to get there. By then, even I would be pretty good. What happens when you reach 10,000 hours of playing time? Will anyone ever know? (I mean anyone besides people like Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, and Stevie Vai.)


  1. google 10,000 hrs , it is meant to be the hours of practice at something to reach perfection

    1. I'd settle for "not terrible." How many hours for that? I kinda figured it was something like that - which sounds about right. 14 years. . .

      Of course, I think there's more to it than just putting in the time. 10,000 hours of practicing the wrong thing would just make someone perfectly bad, I suppose.

  2. lol if they gave out free strings for everyone that got that achievement they'd be giving out a lot of strings. I got it the first day I played.

    1. True. I got this one pretty quickly - albeit entirely accidentally. Wasn't something I was shooting for. But, I suspect very new beginners take a little longer to muster a 250-note streak, even spread across two songs.

      I'd settle for a T-shirt. Those are free advertising. I never buy T-shirts with company names on them anyway - if they want to advertise on my back (or chest) the least they can do is give me the shirt for free. I did go out and buy a set of EB strings tonight. Had to. My GC string of the month club card had a $5 credit for the month and the credits don't roll over. If you don't use them in the month they accrue, they just disappear!

  3. "Pwned" is internet speak for "Owned".

    Just out of curiosity, I checked steam, and there's also 47 achievements. I didn't do a side-by-side, but I'm sure that they're the same. :-) 1 interesting thing that jumped out at me though, only 84% of players have achieved "Welcome to Rocksmith 2014". I guess 16% of all people who have bought it on steam have never even started it once?

    One nit-pick: You list on #8 that if you do that first, you'll get 4, 5, and 6 with it - that's backwards. If you do #6 first, you'll get 4, 5, and 8 with it. Since #8 is "perfect song - easy", you won't get credit for "medium", "hard", or "master" by achieving it on easy, but if you get a perfect game on "master", you'll get "easy", "medium", and "hard" at the same time. I'm sure you know that since you referenced it in your "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" follow-up - it's just mixed up in your comments about the achievement.

    Hope your holidays went well - all the best for 2014.

  4. "I guess 16% of all people who have bought it on steam have never even started it once?"

    I'd guess, just based on the time of the year, that perhaps 16% of the sales were gifts? Or, possibly they play off-line. Something I've done lately - not by choice but because I cannot stay connected to XBL when playing RS. Guessing it's a RS issue since I can stay connected to XBL to watch Netflix for long periods of time.

    I'll edit the post to reflect your catch. You're absolutely correct. I must have been typing in a fog. Thanks!