Thursday, May 10, 2012

Event 7 - Solid but Unremarkable with One Encore

Ran through the songs one more time last night and decided to just do it. Practice scores were pretty close to previous high scores, only 12 points off on I Miss You, and all were above 70k. So, why not?

I did run through the pre-chorus and chorus in RR Leveler on I Miss You before I started the event. I leveled both up a notch in 30 tries.

There was a little adrenaline rush going into it, but I didn't have the same sense of excitement on this one that I had on my first few events. I think it's getting harder to get caught up in the "moment" now. You know how it is when you get to be an International Headliner. You start to get a little jaded and burned out. Hopefully I won't have to turn to hard drugs to stay on top. . .

Here's how it went:

I Miss You - 74858
Sunshine of Your Love - 81750
A More Perfect Union - 70236

Encore: I Got Mine - 17905 (pathetic)
Total: 244749
Unlocked Guitar: Gibson Melody Maker D
Unlocked Pedal: TeleFilter

I think A More Perfect Union levelled up on me. Seemed like there were LOTS more notes when I got to the solo. But, the Irish pipe melody bit with all the hammer-on's seems to have levelled down somehow. I was a little disappointed with this song. The other two main songs went pretty well, I'd say.

The biggest disappointment was the Encore. I liked the song. Never heard it before, but it didn't take any time at all to warm up to it. And, it was really easy. So, I don't quite understand why I sucked so badly on it. I've played a bunch of songs that I've never heard before and I've done a lot better than 17,905 on the first play. And, because I sucked so much on this encore, I didn't get a second one. Since I've got several songs mastered I was afraid I'd get a MM encore. Still not quite sure how that works, but I'd have probably done better if I had gotten a MM encore!

Future "Tour Dates" and a Change in Strategy?
I've got about 4 or 5 more events already lined up and waiting. I've been putting off events because I want to really learn songs instead of just whipping through events for the sake of "The Journey." But, my strategy may have been unnecessary.

I have noticed, looking at my upcoming event set lists, that songs from previous events are starting to pop up again on new events - with much higher qualifying scores. Apparently I really didn't need to lay off of events to work on improving songs that I played in earlier events. Those songs will re-appear in future events and I'll have to improve on them just to qualify them for subsequent events. In other words, RS was one step ahead of me! So, now I'm thinking perhaps I should just go back to an event-based practice schedule - but I'll still put off playing events until I get all the songs up to 70k or above.

A couple of my upcoming events are big - 6 or 7 songs each. That's a lot of new material. But, I'm not even attempting the Weekly Challenge this week (Public Enemy No.1), partly because I don't have that song but mainly because it's Thursday and I still don't have that song. Plus, it's probably got a huge solo which is my weak spot. I've got some time to work on new material.

I've also got a couple of events lined up where all but one or two songs are already qualified. Not quite sure how that happened. They aren't songs I've played in events before. I'll have to look closer and see if they're all DLC songs or something. I suspect that's the case.

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