Friday, May 4, 2012

Youngest Rocksmith Master? (Probably not, but still pretty cool.)

My son has mastered Go with the Flow! In fact, he is playing his first MM performance as I write this and he seems to be doing pretty well so far.

And, he's finished, with a score of 185546 (86/132). 

Not bad for an 11-year old. OK - I know it's just Go with the Flow, widely accepted to be the easiest guitar song of all time. It's not like he mastered Hangar 18 or anything. Still. It's my boy! Can't help being a little proud. 

Beyond just being proud of my son, this also sort of shows that kids can do this. My son is playing his full-sized Squier Strat. I've tried to get him to try the LP Junior which has a shorter neck, but he likes the Strat for whatever reason. (Probably because it's lighter. Even the Epi LPs tend to be a bit heavy on the shoulder.)

Not only is he playing a guitar, he's learning some classic rock. Now he's running through Smoke on the Water.

Still trying to assemble some scaled-down guitars to try out. Might have that opportunity tonight. If I can pull it off, I'll definitely post the results. 

We recently had a thread on the Ubi forum about how old many of us seem to be (average age on the forum seems to be about 50. . . while the younger RS set seems to hang out primarily on FB and bitch about why Ubi RS includes songs which aren't heavy metal). Might be interesting to post something on the Ubi forum to determine how many younger players there are out there. 

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