Friday, May 4, 2012

Finally! Mastered I Can't Hear You - The Missing Note

My son and I were playing a little multi-player mode tonight and he had the controller. So, despite the fact that I've hated I Can't Hear You for some time that's what we played. He was working toward 70k to get his tone pedal. I really wasn't even hoping to match my high score - I wrote this one off as pointless to pursue weeks ago. I think I had like 95k.

But, guess what. We're playing along and I'm really not even trying very hard and I notice that there's this "extra" note in the main riff that I've never seen before. It's an additional hit on the 6th string at the 3d fret before you jump to the 4th string. Huh. What do you know?

Started playing the "new" note and ended up with a 99k when my son got his tone pedal and packed it in for the night. I couldn't quit with a 99 (and all phrases maxed), so I kept at it. Next play put me just over 100k (100457 99/264) - enough to Master it!!! After 45 plays. Ridiculous - all because I had never noticed that one note. . .

Played through it in MM a few times - still needs some work, but I got through it. That's two mastered this week! Hopefully I can maintain this pace.

Also introduced a buddy to RS tonight. He seemed favorably impressed. Had a little trouble getting used to the color-coded strings, but when I switched his account setting to the "upside down" (E on the bottom) display he caught on quickly. I personally prefer the "looking through the neck from the back" display, but it's nice of RS to provide both.

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