Monday, February 11, 2013

Latest Rocksmith Event Progress Charts (Events 31 - 36)

Here are the tables from my last several events, just to compare:

Event Location Palace Hall Notes
Date Played 1/1/2013 Unlocks:   
Song Score Guitar Gibson Reverse Explorer
California Brain - Combo 77785 Pedal  
Angela - Combo 99254 Tone  
Ricochet (Dbl Enc Unlock) 64872 Tone  
Boss (Dbl Enc Unlock) - SN2 46588 Tone  
Barracuda * Combo 103253    
Minimum RSP 370900    
Event Score:  391752 Total Score to date: 17,111,424

This was my last event of "old" songs - before I went on my DLC buying spree. Note the relatively high qualifying scores except for Boss, which is one of the Secret Squirrel Songs.

Event Location 3d Street Lounge Notes
Date Played 1/11/2013 Unlocks:   
Song Score Guitar Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top
Limelight 64823 Pedal  
How You Remind Me 97174 Tone  
Bottoms Up 38128 Tone  
Subdivisions 66079 Tone  
Tom Sawyer 36397    
Minimum RSP 109700    
Event Score:  302601 Total Score to date: Not Recorded

Gotta love that, huh? 243% of the minimum score, a 36k+ on the encore, and no double encore. . .

Event Location Epicenter Notes
Date Played 2/2/2013 Unlocks:   
Song Score Guitar The Log (Gibson)
Limelight 70662 Pedal  
How You Remind Me 91625 Tone  
Tom Sawyer 48364 Tone  
Subdivisions 76383 Tone  
Rockstar 79155    
Red Barchette 28253    
Minimum RSP 367700    
Event Score:  394442 Total Score to date: 18,796,178

Event Location 363 Brannan Notes
Date Played 2/2/2013 Unlocks:   
Song Score Guitar Gibson ES-335 w/Vibrato
Message in a Bottle 38024 Pedal  
Synchronicity II 44090 Tone  
Smooth 41451 Tone  
Oye! Como Va? 35247    
Minimum RSP 62900    
Event Score:  158812 Total Score to date: 19,040,841 RSP

Another event where I scored WELL over the minimum required, kicked ass on the encore and STILL no double encore. WTF?

Event Location Not Recorded Notes
Date Played 2/4/2013 Unlocks:   
Song Score Guitar Gibson Shark Fin
Rockstar 100237 Pedal  
Roxanne 81949 Tone  
Black Magic Woman 47061 Tone  
Smooth 59567 Tone  
Minimum RSP 267100    
Event Score:  288814 Total Score to date: 19,370,044 RSP

Event Location 363 Brennan Notes
Date Played 2/9/2013 Unlocks:   
Song Score Guitar Gibson SG Standard
Oye! Como Va? 48406 Pedal  
Message in a Bottle 44689 Tone  
Synchronicity II 60014 Tone  
Roxanne 98940 Tone  
Black Magic Woman 69395    
Minimum RSP 318400    
Event Score:  321444 Total Score to date: 19,910,598

This one I could have put a little more work on before I played it, but I'm getting impatient lately. Note that after this event I'm less than 90k from making Rocksmith's final level. I guess I figured I might make it with this event. I might have done it if I had worked on these songs a little harder and gotten at least one encore, but I doubt it. Looks like I was darn lucky I even passed the event! Made it by just 3,044 points.

I was a little surprised to realize that I still have 9 more guitars left to unlock. At one guitar for every successful event, apparently there are 46 guitars you can unlock.

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