Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Event 41 A Disappointment but Still Rocksmith-ing Along

I haven't been practicing much lately. Just too much other stuff going on. But, last night I finally managed to rehearse a few songs for Event 41 and play the event. It did not go very well.

I actually qualified 3 of the songs on this setlist immediately after my last event two weeks ago. Walk was prequalified since I scored over 100,000 on it in the previous event. Last week I managed to qualify the remaining three songs in one evening. I took a reduced qualifying score on America's Suitehearts (from 68,200 down to 64,787 after 5 tries). Then I didn't played my guitar at all for a week.

So, it's not like I had played any of the songs for this event much. In fact, I'll tell you exactly how many times I've played each.

Walk:                              4  (prequalified from previous event and not played since)
Dance, Dance               11  (6 to qualify for this event)
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs         9  (4 with some Riff Repeater work to qualify for this event)
My Hero                       10  (5 to qualify for this event)
Times Like These           7  (3 to qualify for this event)
I Don't Care                    6  (2 to qualify for this event)
America's Suitehearts     9  (5 to qualify for this event, with reduced MQS)

Since I hadn't played any of these songs for at least a week and some of them not for 2 weeks, I ran through them before I started the event last night, even though all the songs were already "qualified."

On Walk, Times Like These, and I Don't Care, my score in "rehearsal" went up. On all the others, my scores were down. On America's Suitehearts, my rehearsal score was below the MQS (minimum qualifying score for the event). But, I decided to go for it. The show went just about like rehearsal:

Event Location The Low Down Notes
Date Played 3/10/2013 Unlocks:   
Song Score Guitar Gibson Firebird-V w/Maestro Trem
Walk - Combo 105744 Pedal  
Dance Dance - Combo 55555 Tone  
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - Combo 81948 Tone  
My Hero - Combo 81754 Tone  
Times Like These - Combo 77661   Below MQS: 
I Don't Care - Combo 93655   Dance Q = 58,600
America's Suitehearts - Combo 65530   My Hero Q = 88,000
No Encore      
Minimum RSP 526800    
Event Score:  561847 Total Score to date: 23,160,849 RSP

On Walk and I Don't Care, my scores continued to improve. My score on America's Suitehearts actually improved, too, although my score in rehearsal had dropped below the qualifying score. On everything else, my scores went down when I played the event. On two songs, Dance, Dance and My Hero the event scores were below MQS. That's a little weird because those are fairly easy songs.

At any rate, I finished the event "successfully" enough to get the Gibson Firebird-V with Maestro Tremelo. But that's it. No encores. Nothing.

In the past I've gotten encores with as little as 105% of the required minimum points on an event. I got an encore in Event 20 with exactly 107% of the required minimum RSPs, and I got an encore on Event 19 with only 105% of the minimum RSPs. However, I suspect that having two songs below MQS in this event was what stopped me getting even a first encore.

My theory here doesn't prove out completely because on Event 17 I exceeded 90k (the maximum qualifying score) on 3 songs and exceeded the MQS of the 4th song by almost 200%. My total event score was 114% of the minimum required RSP and I still got no encore. However, it seems generally to work out that you've got to get at least the minimum event score and score more than the MQS for each song to get a first encore.

Maybe Rocksmith is secretly processing input from my new Kinect sensor to determine when I'm just not really into an event. . . I have to admit, I went into Event 41 mostly with the attitude of, "Let's get this over with and move on." So, I really didn't deserve an encore.

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