Saturday, March 2, 2013

Post-Rocksmith Rocksmith - Playing Events After Level 11

Now that I've reached Level 11 - Rocksmith Status - the question of whether I'm still playing events has been raised. I am. That is when I play at all.

I've always found the events to be fun, for one thing. I've gotten a lot better on guitar, but, let's be honest, it's pretty unlikely that I'm going to play a set in front of an actual audience of cheering fans. Ever. The Stones were famous before they got old. I sort of missed the deadline.

But, beyond the self-delusion, I find the event structure to be helpful. It lets me build up songs little by little while keeping me from agonizing over any one song for too long. I adopted the event-focused approach last Fall back when I lost my game save data and had to restart my Journey from the very beginning. Prior to that, I never played an event until I had at least 70k on each song in the setlist. On Journey II, I play events as soon as I meet the minimum qualifying score (MQS). And, as often as not, if I can't qualify the song before RS asks me if I want to lower the MQS, I lower the MQS. Not always, but often.

This approach has been much less stressful for me. Before that change I came dangerously close to throwing my guitar through the TV on more than one occasion. That's just me. I'm sort of impatient with myself about the wrong things. Trying to get a song from 0 to 70k at one time is a bit much for me to take on. Events let me build songs up in smaller increments.

For example, here's how one of my Mastered songs has progressed:

Title Use Somebody
Artist Kings of Leon
Play Count 7
Date Score % Streak Notes
26-Sep-2012 61012 81 92 Event 4  Q = 21,900
26-Sep-2012 71647 Event 4 Performance
4-Oct-2012 74933 83 95 Event 19  Q = 90k
4-Oct-2012 94592 95 211 Qualified
4-Oct-2012 102469 Event 19 Performance
14-Feb-2013 Event 38 - Q = Prequalified
14-Feb-2013 100423 Event 38 Performance
14-Feb-2013 106034 93 105 lvl: outro maxed

This is pretty typical for me. Obviously, it takes more time and effort to qualify some songs for events than others, but as a rule by the time I play something in three events I have it close to mastered. On Use Somebody, all I had to do after the third event play was to clean up the outro phrase and - boom! - mastered. Anything with a significant solo takes much more work.

Pre-Qualified Songs

90k is the maximum MQS. It appears from my notes that once you score 100,000k or more on a song during an event that song will be prequalified for future events - you'll never have to qualify it again. If I'm correct, the next time Barracuda (combo) shows up on a setlist for me, it should be prequalified. I'll let you know when that happens. Songs may also show up as pre-qualified if you play them for the first time as encores in a previous event. For example, the first time I played I Got Mine was as a second encore. It showed up prequalified on the setlist for my very next event.

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  1. i'm pretty sure the rules for pre-qualified songs are simpler than you think: rocksmith picks a list of songs for an event (with some computation of which songs should appear) and determine for each a level to qualify. then simply if you're current level is superior to the one for qualification, you're pre-qualified, that's all. it happened to me several times because at first i didn't play any event at all and just picked songs i liked and ones you said were easy enough on your list a while ago. so when i started to play event, the ones i trained on were already qualified.

    also, if you want to find some songs you really like, you should try custom packages made by people, the choice vastly outnumber the list of official dlcs.