Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Last Rocksmith Guitar and End of My Quest for Non-Functional Eye Candy

I've never had much use for the guitar unlocks that you get for completing Rocksmith events, but I've now collected all 46 of them. On XBox platforms, that qualifies you for the ironically named "Art and Functionality" achievement badge.

My only beef with the whole guitar-collecting effort is that it's not really artistic and it's totally non-functional. The guitars look cool, but it's not like you can really look at them after you earn them. You have to go to Amp Mode and drill down a menu level or two and then you can scroll through your collection. Who's going to do that? And, why? They (Ubisoft dev's/the software) need to add the guitars to the wall of the rehearsal room as you earn them. At least then you can see your accomplishments. You can "equip" yourself with any of the guitars you've earned and the guitar neck will sort of show up while you're playing, but the only reason to do this is if you have a preference for a certain type of fret markers.

Anyway, I've got all 46 guitars now. 46 events played. 46 invisible guitars earned. I might make a list of them one day if I get bored, but I don't think it really matters. I'll still play events because I enjoy the events, not because I got a virtual guitar for playing them.

I have not collected everything there is to collect, however. I still have 19 guitar tones and 34 bass tones to collect. (Not sure about bass guitars. . . I haven't played bass in months.) Some of the DLC songs come with tones, which is cool! (I have a list of Real Tones posted by song title here.)

Event 46 went down as shown. 107% of minimum RSPs, all songs above MQS, and no encore. I rushed into it and failed on my first try. High and Dry (Combo) is what killed it. It was prequalified and I hadn't played that one for ages. I just forgot some of the chords. I ran through it in rehearsal mode once and played the event again.

I had to work on Rebel Rebel a bit to qualify it. That's a very tricky little string-skipping riff, with a couple of mini-chords thrown into the mix. There's also one single spot where there's a one-note variation on the otherwise incredibly repetitive riff. This song makes for a good exercise.

Event LocationEpicenterNotes
Date Played3/24/2013Unlocks:
SongScoreGuitar1952 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top
Star Spangled Banner, The34364 (last guitar!!)
Outshined - Combo 298230Xbox Achievement: Art and Functionality
Rebel Rebel - Combo92258
High and Dry - Combo98756
Failed first attempt33978, 91735, 93216, and 82315
total 300244
No Encore
Minimum RSP302000
Event Score: 323608Total Score to date:25,211,793 RSP

The SSB has appeared in my last 3 events. I guess it'll keep showing up until I get the score closer to 70k or 90k. MQS on this one was 32,000. Every time I get this one in an event, I beat the MQS by about 2k and the next time it shows up on a setlist the MQS goes up by about 5k. At the rate I've been progressing on it, it'll take about 12 more events for it to finally go away for a while!


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