Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Making No Progress - Surf Hell Challenge, Outshined Solo

Cell colors seem to copy just fine here. Will see how it posts and continue troubleshooting.

Song Artist Date First Played Event # Qualifying Score High Score Best % Best Streak Play Count
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Brian Adam McCune 28-Jan-2012 n/a n/a 200279 94 96 61
Angela (Combo) Jarvis Cocker 23-Jan-2012 4 ? 200033 99 302 11
Run Back to Your Side - Chords Eric Clapton 23-Feb-2012 6 n/a 197259 100 89 5
Do You Remember - Combo Horrors The 26-Jan-2012 5 61800 132554 88 50 11
Next Girl Black Keys The 14-Jan-2012 1 ? 109775 98 158 6
Satisfaction, Chord Arr.  Rolling Stones The 5-Feb-2012 n/a n/a 108484 97 155 5
Angela (Single Note) Jarvis Cocker 26-Feb-2012 4 n/a 101103 97 126 11
Breed - Combo Nirvana 2-Feb-2012 5 28800 101066 96 122 29
Satisfaction - Single Note Rolling Stones The 14-Jan-2012 1 ? 100299 97 155 45
Surf Hell - Combo Little Barrie 19-Jan-2012 3 ? 97762 96 152 70
Outshined - Combo 2 Soundgarden 22-Jan-2012 n/a n/a 96609 90 88 42

Obviously time to update play counts. This doesn't include last night's progress - or lack thereof.

Don't know if I'm tired or what. Ran through the solo from Outshined 120 times last night in Riff Repeater and got next to nothing in the way of progress. Literally 120 times. 30 in Leveler, 30 in Free Speed, 30 in Leveler again, and 30 more in Accelerator. I bumped up my speed in Free Speed to 97.9 but that's it. Couldn't max the phrase. Even tried Accelerator thinking maybe the variety would help but that only proved that there's very little difference between Free Speed and Accelerator - at least the way I play it. At some point you quit beating a dead horse and move on, right? No idea what I'm doing wrong. . .

Moved on to Surf Hell and still couldn't break (or even reach) 100k. Improved on my Ubisoft/Rocksmith forum challenge score by a whopping 100 points and still fell short of my all-time best score on that song. So, I've actually gotten worse with practice! Ran through it a few times and called it quits on Surf Hell, too. I was actually having visions of throwing my Special II through the TV screen at one point.

Ran a few MM Performances of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and had largely the same lack of success. This despite the fact that I have now memorized the song and feel perfectly comfortable playing it on my acoustic at the baseball fields where real people might actually hear me. First time I've pulled out the ol' Alvarez in a long time! I should bring a case and leave it open in front of the bleachers next time - maybe somebody will throw me some cash and tell me to get some lessons.

My plan has been to focus on the songs above until I get them all to Master Mode. But, in light of my recent apparently burn-out, I'm wondering if maybe I should just play some totally new stuff. The other night I went offline (i.e. playing without RS) and tried to work up some Green Day stuff with my son and that was sort of refreshing. I may pull some tabs off of the Internet and play around with that for a few days.


  1. Hey it's Hazeyville13. Start playing in about ten minutes, later tonight I'm going through your blog from day one.

  2. That's a lot or reading! Hope you enjoy the blog.