Monday, March 12, 2012

Rocksmith Forum Challenge Week 5 - Surf Hell

As of Saturday night, after a very aggravating few days of no progress at all, here's what will probably be my highest score for the Week 5 RS Forum Challenge Song: 

Surf Hell Week 5 Challenge Song - played with the Newly Set-up custom EG112

 Previous Efforts

Finally! Broke through the barrier after a mere 101 plays. Unfortunately, this puts me in a whole new league - one where I'm unlikely to be competitive. Hardly seems fair that a drummer who works his ass off to get to 100,000 has got to compete with guys who apparently play guitar for a living and regularly get scores over twice that. . . but so it goes. I unlocked Master Mode on this song last night and, because this automatically puts me in the "Expert" category for the Weekly Challenge, I had to go ahead and play a Master Mode performance if I even hoped to show this week. Of course, the fact that I've played this song so much already sort of helped - I've had it pretty much memorized for a couple of weeks.

203,229 as of Tuesday Night

[Side Note: I have never agreed with the Weekly Challenge player category break down because there's a disincentive to actually get your best possible score; if you happen to break the 70k or 100k milestones, you are penalized for it. The trick is then who can get closest to the cut-off scores without going over. Players should be grouped on a curve based on all final scores received, but I understand that would be a pain. At the very least, I'd make 200,000 the cut-off for the "Expert" category. I don't even comprehend why there's a distinction between MM and non-MM scores. . . once you break 100k, there's almost no chance that you haven't mastered the song. So, make MM the intermediate cut-off and 200k the cut-off for advanced. "Beginner" would be any non-Master Mode score. Then maybe identify 1st, 2d, and 3d place finishers in each category. IMHO]

Important to note that my break-through on Surf Hell came only after I fiddled with the lag settings on RS. There seems to be something going on there that you can't see but which significantly affects scoring. This is discussed in detail on the RS/Ubisoft Forums. I'm looking at Kinch Blade to unravel the mystery there.

Other than the dramatic break-through on Surf Hell, last night's practice session was pretty much a wash. I ran through Mean Bitch a couple of times but failed to even match my previous best score on that one. I did a Master Mode Performance of Next Girl at The Low Down, which bumped that score up significantly but failed to make the 200k mark. Ditto for Angela, Single Note arrangement. I'm still not prepared to do a MM performance on Satisfaction; the three verse phrases are still very rough, so I ran them all through Riff Repeater and made some progress. Not quite ready to play from memory yet. Tried to get I Can't Hear You up to Master Mode but failed to make it.

Still hoping to get everything I've played so far up to at least 100,000 and Master Mode. But, if I reach Level 8 before that happens, I'll go ahead and play another event just to keep from getting bored. I don't want to burn out by hammering away at the same few songs day after day shooting for perfection, but I don't want to scream through a bunch of new songs and play them at events without really knowing them. Also, there are some DLC songs that I'm itching to dig into. So I may take an occasional break from my Master Mode goals once in a while to dabble with something new.

Not my highest score ever, but my highest during the Challenge period. So far. Cannot seem to break 100k.

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