Saturday, March 10, 2012

Repairing the EG112 and My Son's Progress

This has very little or next to nothing to do with Rocksmith. It has to do with the Yamaha guitar I "won" last week on an auction site. (Saying you "won" something in an auction has always struck me as a weird way to describe outbidding people.) Anyway, the thing arrived with a loose nut and strings buzzing all the way from the nut to the bridge. I figured it was a lost cause, but I paid a grand total of $92 for the guitar and a very nice hardshell case so really the case was worth the price of admission. Still, I hated to screw this guitar to the wall as a decoration.

Oddly enough, talking to the kid who sold me a stand case for my drums at my local GC, I found out that there's a pretty good little guitar shop here in town that can repair just about anything on any guitar. The kid's dad owns the shop, but you know if your kids say you're good you must be a god. So, I took the EG112 to him to check it out. He basically said the nut was a nothing job, and he fixed it while he told me this. Then after looking over the rest of the guitar pretty closely he determined that a good $50 set-up would make it a very playable instrument.

So, the new/used Yamaha is sitting at T. Shepperd's guitar shop as I write this. I get to pick it up next week. I'll be anxious to see how it comes out.

Meanwhile, my son is downstairs waiting for me to come down and try to figure out some Green Day. He just took a swing at Freebird on RS! More power to him. I'm not ready to tackle that one yet. He'll probably pass me up and leave me in the dust within the next year. That's fine. Someday he may need a drummer.

I'm very annoyed that my spreadsheets are not copying into this blog as they used to. I cannot figure out why, but I believe it has something to do with the Excel versions I use. If I post my spreadsheets to my blog from my laptop at work (after hours, of course), the colors from the cells copy perfectly. But, when I try to update the spreadsheet from home, the colors do not copy into the blog post. Very strange because I'm using the same document; I just e-mail it to myself as an attachment depending on where I'm most likely to have time to play with it. If anyone has any suggestions as to what's going on here I'd love to hear them.


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    1. Absolutely! The Yamaha turned out to be a very nice little player - after Tommy replaced the neck. The original neck broke while he was setting up the guitar, so he replaced it (free). Alas, the Yamaha has spent most of the last 18 months hanging on the wall - replaced by a PRS SE Tremonti, Gretch Electromatic, Ibanez Artcore semi-hollow body, and a few others most recently my MIM Telecaster which is my favorite.

      The important thing though is, yes, an inexpensive used Yamaha EG112 works just great on Rocksmith! No need to spend hundreds on a high-end guitar to play RS.