Thursday, October 18, 2012

100th Rocksmith Blog Post! Moving On from the PC Release

This is my 100th post on this blog. Seems like a good opportunity to move forward and leave the whole DLC debacle behind us. Now we can move on to other debacles!

PC Release - I'm Not Getting It

I'll also be leaving the whole PC release behind. Not to say I'll never talk about it because I will definitely keep up with developments and improvements there. But, I made an economic decision to stick with the XBox platform and my current library of DLC songs. So, I won't own a copy of the full PC version and won't be able to comment on it. I tried the demo and it seems fine - although there have been some issues. It just doesn't seem to be that much better than Rocksmith on XBox. Not worth the cost of switching platforms for me.

Also, I'm not a techie. I have no interest in overclocking my video card for optimum performance or any of that. I don't know anything about that stuff and I'm not really interested. I'll post any significant milestones or discoveries that I hear about on the PC platform but that's about as far as I'll go with the PC side of things. For now.

Secret Squirrel Club - Buy Your Way In, Earn Your Way In, Or Just Let it Go!

The latest DLC releases have brought the whole Secret Squirrel Club song collection back to the fore. Now instead of unlocking these songs by getting a double encore, you can simply buy them. And, it's a pretty good price - $4.99 US for 6 songs? That's the sort of discount I'd like to have seen for the other "discounted" song bundles. (Dammit - I regressed back into talking about the DLC. . . ) Still, you've got people saying that they shouldn't have to pay anything for these songs.

I look at it this way: I'm not going to get my shorts in a knot over 6 songs that I've never heard of, didn't know I was getting, and unlocked very easily using my bass. I didn't buy Rocksmith because it had 6 Secret Squirrel Club songs buried deep within the bowels of event encores. I didn't even know there were 6 locked songs in the game when I bought it. I had never even heard of any of these songs (except of course the Star Spangled Banner, but I don't even think Rocksmith's SSB is the Jimi Hendrix version). I just don't see what the big deal is.

Apparently there are some high speed guitar players out there who unlocked all the SSC songs using their guitars before the bass expansion was available and now they cannot play the SSC songs on their basses. This is known as "The Bass Bug." Yeah, this is a bona fide flaw in the software, but again, so what? You didn't even know there was going to be a bass expansion when you bought Rocksmith, so you damn sure didn't buy Rocksmith to get the SSC songs for bass. You can still play them on your guitar, right? There you go. If you really, really just gotta have these songs for bass, set up an alternate bass-playing profile and unlock everything again. Or, pony up $5 and buy the unlocks.

I think I'll leave that issue behind, too, at least until Ubi/RS developers implement some significant changes to the double encore algorithm or fix the bass bug.

Moving Along: Event 24 - A Tough One

Event Location Atlantic Coliseum Notes
Date Played 10/16/2012 Unlocks:   
Song Score Guitar Vintage Gibson Les Paul Jr. 
Bohemian Rhapsody - Combo 74116 Pedal  
Run Back to Your Side - SN 63689 Tone  
We Three Kings* 78041 Tone  
Sweet Home Alabama - Combo 42762 Tone  
House of the Rising Sun - Combo 1 70752    
no encore      
Minimum RSP 281,600    
Event Score:  329360 Total Score to date: 12,956,067

Check out this set list. Five songs and the easiest one was the Eric Clapton one? I got Run Back to Your Side qualified on the first try. It took a while to qualify everything else for this event.

I actually only played Bohemian Rhapsody 5 times to qualify, but that's because I worked the phrases up in Riff Repeater. I did that on this song because there's so much non-playing time between phrases. I got some phrases maxed pretty easily. Solo1 took 58 lives to max. I'll be stoked if I ever get this song to MM level.

We Three Kings took 7 plays to qualify at 81,000. No riff repeater work. Just ran through it until I got the score I needed.

Sweet Home Alabama. . . Whew! MQS was only 39,000 and it took 8 plays through the song to get there with no room to spare. I worked the intro riff, chorus, and interlude each in RR. After 30 lives, I only got these phrases up to the 80% mastery levels. Lots of work left to do on this one.

House of the Rising Sun only took 5 tries and no RR work. Plus, I got a 370 NS just before I qualified it. This song is MUCH easier when you realize that your picking chords. It would be nice if Rocksmith would include a chord ID above the RSNH on stuff like this.

I dropped the ball on We Three Kings and House of the Rising Sun during the event. Both performance scores were below their individual MQS. This may be why I got no encore even though my cumulative event score was 117% higher than the minimum.  Starting to look like a cumulative event score is good enough to get you through the event but maybe you've got to get the MQS on each song to get an encore.

On Event 19, I only had 105% of the EMS but I got an encore. However, my score on each song was higher than the MQS. (In one case my qualifying score was even reduced.) Pretty much the same story on Event 20. Only got 107% of the EMS and still got an encore; all songs scores were above the qualifying scores. On the other hand, I got 114% of the EMS on Event 21 and all songs had better-than-qualifying event scores, but no encore on that one.

I'm starting to think the first encore is a 50/50 crap-shoot, too, just like the double encore.

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  1. It sucks that you are (were) having so much trouble getting double encores. I had 4 of the SSC songs unlocked pretty early. Hadn't had a double encore in quite a while. Then I reached Elite Guitarist.

    On my next setlist (More Than a Feeling, Keep Yourself Alive, Next Girl) all the MQS were 90,000. I had pretty much resigned myself to not unlocking those last two songs, due to the high minimum scores required from here on out. Keep Yourself Alive took hours in RR to learn well enough to play in the Event. I got one encore.

    Today, I played an event with My Girl, Ricochet, Smoke on the Water, and Barracuda. My encore song was Run Back to Your Side, chords!! The only song I have scored perfectly on and played MM! So I got the double, and unlocked Space Ostrich.

    The next event had Space Ostrich, What's Going On and Boss. The encore was Icky Thump, which I had only played once before. I didn't think I played any of them that well, in fact, I scored lower on most of them than I did in practice. But somehow, I got the double again! Played Burnished, combo 2, another song I've only played once. Only scored 16,352. But I still unlocked SSB!

    I'm still basking in the afterglow of achievement. Ahhhhhh....