Friday, October 5, 2012

Event 19 - Good Enough Isn't Good Enough for Double Encore

Last night I broke my no-encore streak and played the very last song from the original song list - Good Enough.

Eight days after restarting my journing, RSPs are just shy of 10,000,000 and I'm just a couple of songs from making Level 9 - Elite Guitarist.

For whatever strange reason, songs started appearing on my set lists for a second time even though I still had one song left from the original disc that I never played the first time. Even my DLC songs had been played in events already, but Good Enough had not appeared on any set list yet. Last night it showed up as an unexpected Encore on my 19th Event (at Liberty's). So, I can check that box - "All Songs from Original Song List Played in at Least One Event."

(I've even played Well OK Honey in an event since my restart. That one never did show up in a set list before my big crash. Part of the reason might be that I had only played 14 events before I lost my game save data.)

Event 19
I was pretty happy about getting an encore and finishing off the original song list, but now I'm a little pissed off.

Event Location Liberty's Notes  
Date Played 10/4/2012 Unlocks:   
Song Score Guitar Gibson LP Jr. Double Cut
Me and the Bean - Combo 97365 Pedal Pulse Pulse
Number Thirteen - Single Note 85160 Tone  
Use Somebody - Combo 102469 Tone  
Where is My Mind? - Combo 93951 Tone  
    Venue Atlantic Coliseum
    No Double Encore for a 65k+??? WTF? What is qualifying score for first-time play? Even with dropped Q score for No. 13, event % is only 108%. 
    Dropped Q-score on No.13 but event minimum didn't change. And, still got an encore. . . 
Good Enough - Combo 65526  
Minimum RSP 360000  
Event Score:  444471 Total Score to date: 9,876,612 RSP

Pretty good set list. The songs all fit together pretty nicely. It's not like playing a set with Symphony of Destruction and Islands, so whatever algorithm Ubi's developers are using to create set lists seemed to be working pretty well on this one. And, I actually like all of these songs at least somewhat. That's not the problem.

As in the past few Events, all of my songs had qualifying minimums of 90k. Took me about a dozen attempts to finally qualify Me and the Bean. I did it, but then I was grumpy and tired. So, when I failed to qualify Number 13 within three tries, I punched out and let Rocksmith lower the qualifying minimum on that one by about 10,000 points.

The other two songs were pretty easy to qualify, even at 90k.

I noticed that even after I let Rocksmith lower my qualifying minimum on Number 13 to around 80,000, the minimum score for Event 19 didn't change. It was still 360,000. Weird. (And, there was more minimum score weirdness later - see below.)

Even weirder, when you total up my song scores, I only had 105% of the event minimum (108% of the minimum if you use the reduced minimum for No.13) and I still got an encore. General consensus has always been that you need 120% of the minimum score to get a first encore. Either that's not the criteria for encores, or something is flaking out in the software.

I didn't exactly blow any of these songs away when I qualified, so I figured I'd be doing well just to make the event minimum score. Especially since the event minimum still reflected the full 90k qualifying minimum for all four songs. But, I did alright and I was pleased with my performance overall.

Surprise! First Encore
When I got an encore, I was really pleased! Even if the software is flaking out and I missed the actual cut-off for encores, after going three events without any encores I was pretty stoked and I obliged the crowd with an unrehearsed rendition of Good Enough.

The fact that the encore song was the last original disc song left to play was just sort of a cool plus. Since I hadn't really played the song much (if ever) before my crash/restart, I didn't expect to do that well. So, a double encore wasn't even on my radar. I just played.

When it was over, I had scored over 65,000 - damn near enough to unlock the Authentic Tone for the song. But, no double! What the hell?

Double Encore Vent
Supposedly the requirement for a double encore is to hit 90% of the notes in the first encore song. But, is that 90% of the notes at 100% fully leveled mastery or 90% of the notes that actually showed up at my current mastery level? Who knows? All I know is that I was pretty pissed off that, after not getting any encores for 3 events, I finally got an encore - possibly my last shot at a double encore, I kicked ass and I still didn't get it.

Whatever. I suppose it's entirely possible that you could play a live gig and totally nail every song and the crowd would just sit there. I suppose it's even possible that a real crowd just wouldn't respond to a particular song. Maybe my audience didn't like Tom Petty. Oh, well. Life's not fair and when it comes to double encores neither is Rocksmith.

That's OK. It doesn't have to be fair. If they're going to fix anything about encores I'd rather see them fix the Master Mode encore problem. No real band would ever play an encore that they haven't rehearsed - which is basically what Master Mode encores usually end up being. But, that's another issue for another day.

(I don't really care about the unlock songs. I only have two of those left to unlock and I'm pretty sure I can get them unlocked on bass easily enough. I just don't like the randomness of the double encore in Rocksmith. It's demoralizing!)

Pre-Qualified Score but Not Pre-Qualified
There was more weirdness going on last night. Something doesn't seem to be working right in the game software.

My 20th Event set list includes Surf Hell with a qualifying minimum of 90k. Cool. I had this song mastered and memorized before and I like playing it. Making 90k on it is not a problem. In fact, I already scored 93,378 on this song in Event 4 over a week ago. But, it's not showing up as "Qualified" on the event set list.

In the past when I've already scored more than the next qualifying minimum on a song, it shows up on the set list as Qualified. Not sure what's going on here.

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