Monday, October 1, 2012

Rocksmith Journey Restart: Days 3, 4, & 5 - Level 8

Still a long way from where I was when I lost my game save data, but making progress. I also restarted my bass Journey last night.

As of last night - Day 5 of my restarted guitar Journey, I'm back up to Level 8, International Headliner, with 7,539,304 RSP. (I had just reached Level 10 when my save data crapped out.) I've played 15 events in 5 days and every single song in my library - except one. [See Weirdness, below.] I've unlocked three more games: Quick Pick Dash, Harmonically Challenged, and Big Swing Baseball.

I unlocked a third SSC song, Jules, with a very successful second encore on Event 10. I Want Some More was the second encore song that did it for me. To be fair, I had worked on that one quite a bit prior to my restart, so when it came up as an encore it was almost a gimme. Of course, there are no guarantees that you'll get the second encore even if you kick ass on the first one. I've had a few encores that went really well and I still didn't get the second. I don't like the fact that getting a double encore is at least half crap-shoot.

Event 13 was a rather strange one, considering my holiday goals. Last year when Ubisoft released the 3 holiday songs as free DLC, I set a goal of mastering all three songs and playing them live somewhere this Christmas season. (I was close to mastering all three before my restart; shouldn't take long to get back to that point now.) Anyway, my setlist for Event 13 was all three holiday songs, plus - strangely enough - Sweet Home Alabama.

Gobbledigook has shown up as an encore twice in the past four events (12 and 15).

Add Hit Me with Your Best Shot to the list of songs it took more than one try to qualify. Took me four attempts to qualify this one for Event 15. Not sure why. Most of the song is a 4-chord riff. But, this was new DLC that I never played until my restart. I guess 4 times isn't too awfully bad. (Still, it's not like I mastered it in 4 plays. I barely qualified it at 26,997 78/17.)

On my original journey there was one song - Well OK Honey - that never came up. My restarted journey is doing the same thing - skipping one song. Just one. What's really odd is that both times it has been a song from the original disc song list, not DLC, that gets skipped.

Last night I had played every single song in my song list except Good Enough, but when the setlist for my next event came up it was all songs I have played before. Good Enough wasn't on the list. I'm going to wait and see if it ever comes up on its own. (I did play it on bass last night because it was last week's RS Forum Weekly Challenge Song for Bass.)

Unlocking Venues
I've deduced that, except for The Power House which pretty much unlocks as soon as you complete your initial Sound Check, a new venue unlocks for each 1,000,000 points you earn - at least up to a point. I've unlocked everything up to Bay Academy so far. I think I've got two venues left to unlock.

Bass Journey Restart
I decided to go ahead and restart my bass journey last night because I wanted to participate in the Weekly Song Challenge on bass. Good Enough was the song of the week. Considering I hadn't played it more than a couple of times before restarting, I did alright. My score would have put me at the bottom of Division III. Of course, by the time I was ready to post a score it was too late, but whatever.

I did my first bass event - Satisfaction and Where is My Mind?. Got Chimney as my encore and blew it away with a 102,535! I had Mastered Chimney before the restart and played it in MM at least a few times, plus it's easy, so the high score wasn't a big surprise. But, let me tell ya - with a score like that I would have been PISSED if I hadn't gotten the double encore! I got it. Islands was the second encore song, which I also sort of nailed with a 95,820. That was good to unlock Ricochet, leaving just Boss and Star Spangled Banner to unlock.

So, now I'm back to Level 2 - New Act on bass. A long way from Level 9. . . But, I got from 0 to Level 9 in a month. Shouldn't take long to get back where I was. The problem is I only have so much time in a day and I'll have to divide it between guitar and bass. And, I've got to play the hell out of the Gretsch and the Ibanez hollow-bodies so I can decide which one to keep before my 30-day return window closes.

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