Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rocksmith Event 21 - 114% of Event Minimum and No Encore

I'm really starting to wonder if the whole encore thing is just random chance. I got 114% of the event minimum plus unlocked a tone but not even a first encore. Yes, I know - 120% is supposedly the cut-off. So, I guess I should just be grateful that I got encores on Event 19 with only 105% and Event 20 107%. Cold comfort there.

The comfort, if any, comes from the fact that only one of the six songs on this set list had an event qualifying minimum (EQM) of 90k.

Also, this set list was sort of an unlock fest. Between qualifying songs and playing the actual event I unlocked 5 tones and a venue. (I've now unlocked all venues, Pacific Garden being the last and biggest.)

Here's the Event summary:

Event Location Atlantic Coliseum Notes
Date Played 10/9/2012 Unlocks:   
Song Score Guitar Gibson ES-335 Dot
Plug In Baby - Combo 71516 Pedal  
Icky Thump - Combo 76871 Tone Phase Zone (Plug In Baby)
Outshined - Combo 2 89802 Tone  
When I'm with You - Combo 83413 Tone  
Rebel Rebel - Combo 87064    
High and Dry - Combo 98533    
No Encore - WTF???      
Minimum RSP
Event Score: 
Total Score to date: 11,153,234 RSP

(The fill colors are a new thing I added to my progress tracking page. Green is for songs I've played but still have high scores of less than 70k. Silver is for songs with a high score between 70,001 and 90,000. Gold is for songs with scores over 90,000. Purple or maroon or whatever you call it is for mastered songs.)

Qualifying was easy for this one and there were no strange hiccups. Most songs took only 2 or 3 tries  to qualify. Plug in Baby took 5 tries, which isn't surprising given the tricky riff.

The surprise was When I'm With You. Easy to play. Hard to qualify for some reason. It took me 6 tries to get this one up to 73,700. Actually, on my 6th play through I ended up scoring 80,532 (97/164). But, it was a slow climb from 52,090 where I started to 64,509 on my 5th play. I did switch to the Gretsch after a few tries because I was getting a little low-bridge buzz on the Ibanez. I also played around with my pick-up settings. Mainly I put a little more emphasis on my low end. That seemed to help.


  1. So i finished up all the non locked songs the other night and am probably going to back to playing events more, but customize the setlist a little. I did the ES-355 one that you just did tonight, as well. I cracked over 15Mill points, but believe me, there are alot of weak arrangement scores in that. Gonna start working up from the bottom of scores, pts back from High scores, below average scores, and the <70K songs.

    I played two events tonight and both times i got MM encores for chords. I don't have any of them memorized, so is it cheating if i paused the game, flipped over to youtube and watched a few minutes to know what chords made up the song?

    Not sure how much DLC i am going to buy with the sale, either. I am sure whatever i get, i am gonna want to play.


  2. LOL - The whole "guitarist ethics" of pausing events to refresh your memory of master mode encore songs just came up the other day on the Ubisoft/RS forum! I think it's universally agreed that this is OK. I personally favor making a cheat sheet for the mastered songs like I would if I were actually playing a gig. For me, that's just easier than digging up a YT video. I usually just need some sort of hint or cryptic word that reminds me how a song starts and from there I'm OK. I have to do this when I play live gigs on drums all the time. Either that or I have to get somebody else in the band to hum the intro or something to me. . .

  3. I think it was the chords for high and dry. The chord arrangements are all really simple, but you need to at least know what 3 or 4 basic chords they use. What i was really looking for was one of those "strum sheets" where they write out the lyrics to the song and then put the chord letter names over them, but i didn't see them anywhere. I don't think i care enough about the chord arrangements for any of the songs to do that myself.