Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rocksmith Loser! An Impossible Intro

Trying to qualify the song Loser (3 Doors Down) for a second event last night made me feel like a total loser. What is up with that intro?! I'm at 45% mastery and it took me about 60 lives to work my way to 100% speed in Riff Repeater. I had a peek at 100% mastery (by manually forcing the mastery up) and that's looking nearly impossible to me at this point.

This intro appears to be mainly a breakdown of an open D chord with an augmented 5th or something thrown in for variation. Or, maybe it switches from a D to a G? Really not sure. Can't seem to figure it out. (If it switches from chord to chord, it moves VERY fast.) This is another one of those cases where RS needs to display the chord ID instead of just throwing individual notes down the RSNH.

Might have just been an off night because this wasn't the only song that gave me a little trouble. Out of 4 songs on my next set list, I accepted a reduction in MQS on 3 songs. (On one song, I ended up exceeding the original MQS after I agreed to let RS reduce the qualifying score.)

The really sad part is that one of the songs on my current set list is Carol of the Bells - a song I've been working on pretty hard for the past several months in preparation for the holidays. It took me several attempts plus some RR work to get this song back to where I had it before my restart. It's fully leveled again except for the second part of the solo. (If I play the song live, I plan to just cut that part.) But, it's still not clean. I've got a lot of work to do on that one.

By the time I got every thing qualified last night, I didn't feel like playing the event. I really felt like throwing my guitar through the TV - and it's been a long time since I felt that way.


  1. It might be helpful to see someone else play it He keeps his fingers really high off the fretboard which isn't totally correct, but he gets most of the notes.

    I think the most lives i have ever used in RR is 25. Usually by 15, i have had all the fun i can handle and i move on to something else. I know i could do more, i just don't want to. There are 100s of arrangements i need to work on, no need to kill myself over 1 hard one.

    Also, it is a little known fact that throwing your guitar thru the TV is how you get to level 12. Since your TV is your amp, and destroying your guitar and amp is the most rock n roll thing you can do, guitar thru tv is the final challenge. It is also a great way to truly become a musician and get kicked out of your house ;-)

    Have fun

  2. Now that was funny! Too true. I'm checking out the YT link - thanks.