Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Event 20 - Playing The Big Venue and STILL No Double Encore

Hard to believe but I didn't get around to playing almost all weekend! Finally, last night I managed to find the time and energy. This was the first event played in "The Big" venue - Atlantic Coliseum which I unlocked during the previous event.

Maybe it's because I've actually gotten to this point in the game before or maybe it's just because I've played Rocksmith so much that some of the initial zest has worn off. I don't know. But, considering that this was supposed to be my first time playing in a huge arena I'd sort of expect it to be a bigger deal. Instead, Event 20 was a little 3-song set. It felt more like opening for an International Headliner than being an International Headliner.

Event Location Atlantic Coliseum Notes
Date Played 10/8/2012 Unlocks:   
Song Score Guitar Gibson ES-339
Unnatural Selection -  Combo 70348 Pedal How Swell
Surf Hell - Combo 92349 Tone Resistor
Take Me Out - Single Note 101157 Tone Garden State Parkway
    No double encore with a 71,734??? Last score was 64193. 
A More Perfect Union - SN 71734    
Minimum RSP
Event Score: 
Total Score to date: 10,341,582 RSP

Everything qualified within 3 tries for a change. But, there was still some weirdness. I had already scored over 93,000 on Surf Hell back when I played it in Event 4. So, I can't figure out why I had to qualify it again. It should have shown up on the set list already qualified, but it didn't. So, I played it once to qualify at 96,966 and everything worked normally after that.

After qualifying all three songs, I finished off the last Technique Challenge - Barre Chords. A 95,739 on that challenge pushed me over the line to Level 9 - Elite Guitarist, with a total of 10,005,994 RSP. I still find the Level 9 and 10 titles kind of funny. What is an "Elite Guitarist?" Or, better yet, a "Super Elite Guitarist?" I think I'd have gone with something like "Solo Artist" and "Guitar Legend." But, nobody at Ubisoft asked me.

The Event itself went well enough. I blew away the event minimum and unlocked a couple of Authentic Tones. Plus, I scored an encore which was good for a pedal unlock. (See chart for details.)

But, once again, I kicked ass on my encore and didn't get a double encore. I mean, what the hell? The last time I played A More Perfect Union was in Event 9 where the qualifying minimum for the song was 28,800. I scored a 64,193 on it in the event, so I'm sure it leveled up on me somewhat. Still! I got over 70k on it in this event - enough to unlock a tone. But, no double encore?

In fact, I haven't gotten a double encore since Event 10. I've had encores on 7 events since then and I've kicked ass on at least a few of them, so this 50/50 thing for unlocking the secret squirrel songs is looking a bit optimistic. Seems more like performing an encore well gets you a 1:10 chance of unlocking a song. I've still got to unlock Boss and The Star Spangled Banner. Easily done on bass, but I'd really rather do it on guitar.


  1. I agree that those elite guitarist tags are pretty dumb. I also think they should have some more acheivements (the way rock band does) for more dedicated players.

    I, for whatever misguided reason, decided to play all of the arrangements on disc. I think i only have 3 or 4 to go. I think i still have two technique challenges to do as well. Once i have them all played, then i will go thru and work on getting them all to various milestones (70K, 100K, MM whatever). Thats my plan anyway.


    1. I'm actually getting concerned about what playing RS will be like once I reach Rocksmith status and have all the guitars, venues, pedals, and tones unlocked. (I'm assuming I may never get all the secret squirrel songs unlocked!)

      Some added achievements would be a huge plus.

      I intend to play all the arrangements on the disk, too - even the ones I hate, like Unnatural Selection!

  2. I have 2 Sweet Home Alabama tracks left plus a stones one. Not looking forward to finishing them.

    I actually lost my RSP motivation when i realized that you can hit 15Mill pretty easily by just playing all the arrangements. I just think RSP are too easy to game, even w/o trying to game it.

    Like i said before, i enjoy having my data over at rsevolve.com - it gives me some comparison, some stats, shows me what i am weak at, what is possible, and what i should work on.


  3. So far I've only gone "off-track" with the single note arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, which I intend to play live during the holidays this year and need to rehearse. Other than that and the other two Christmas songs, I plan to stick with the events-based approach and see where that takes me. I did complete all the technique challenges up to gold medal levels, but I don't look at that as blatant points-mongering. As of last night, I'm back over 11,000,000.