Friday, September 14, 2012

Bass Level 9 Gets Challenging but I Got My First 100% Accuracy Run

Things are starting to get a bit more challenging on bass with qualifying scores mostly at 90k.

My next event (Event 18) is a three-song event:

Title:                               Qualifying Score
Killer Queen (DLC)            90,000
Unnatural Selection            76,600
I Want Some More             90,000

Killer Queen was my double-encore song on Event 12 and I didn't exactly set the stage on fire with it. Only got 34,044. So, I've worked on this one quite a lot, mostly playing it in Multiplayer Mode with my son who likes it. Still, after playing it 12 times and getting my score up to 66,203, it took me another 8 plays through to qualify the song at 90k. Still no riff repeater work - just playing the song over and over. I think I've still got two phrases that aren't leveled all the way up. So far, Killer Queen is the hardest song I've tackled on bass.

Unnatural Selection isn't all that difficult. I just hate the song. And, it's very long. Like 6 minutes. So, playing it over and over again is not something I'm likely to do. And, it's an Open-G (?) tuning which is kind of a nuisance. I've already played this one in Event 10. The first qualifying score was just 27,000. I scored 38,388 on it the first time through and then scored 55,657 on it during the event. It took me 3 more plays to qualify the song again for Event 18 with a score of 77,134 (93/191). After Event 18 is over, I hope to not see (or hear) this song again for a very long time.

[I could simply edit my set-list for Event 18, but I'm trying to just roll with the RS Recommended Journey on bass. If this song shows up again, though, I'll probably replace it on the set-list.]

I Want Some More requires some serious fast fingering as you level up the phrases. I played it before in Event 8. First qualifying miminum was 48,600. I qualified at 70,577 and scored 79,709 at the event. I managed to re-qualify it for Event 18 with a score of 92,242 (92/86) in only two plays last night. It's very similar to the guitar part. Sort of. The big, fat strings make it more difficult to play on bass.

Took me so long to get the songs qualified last night that I didn't play the event itself. So, I'll probably run through everything again before I actually play Event 18.

I've started rehearsing my mastered songs so I'll be prepared if they show up as master mode encores. Last night I played through Song 2 a few times. Very easy - but when it popped up the other night as a MM encore I went completely blank! Last night I played through it three times and failed to match my previous high score of 108,784. On my third play I got a 108,700.

I started to get mad, BUT then I noticed that my accuracy was 100%! Note streak was 300.

By then I pretty much had a handle on the song, so I took one shot at a Master Mode performance and scored 215,001 - with a 99% accuracy! Not too shabby.

That score pushed my RSPs over 10,000,000 and bumped me up to Level 9 - Elite Bassist.

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