Friday, September 28, 2012

Rocksmith for PC - Initial Pre-release Demo Reactions

This post refers to the Original Version of Rocksmith. NOT Rocksmith 2014.

Still a couple of weeks until the official release, but it sounds like Ubisoft's demo/Beta pre-release of Rocksmith for the PC is getting generally favorable reviews. Evidently Ubi is using Steam as a distribution mechanism, but I think you can pre-order the actual software directly from Ubisoft or through retailers. There have been some download issues, but that may have a lot to do with the huge size of the demo/Beta file - 12Gb. Comments on the Ubisoft/RS forum make Steam sound like an attractive option which provides some back-up and auto-updating capabilities as well as possibly some cool online data-keeping features.

Read the comments on the Rocksmith forum here:!!

Quick Loading!
The general consensus seems to be that the PC version loads much faster than the XBox/PS3 console versions. This is huge! The amount of time needed to start Rocksmith on my XBox can be agonizing. Sometimes I'd just like to run through a couple of phrases in Riff Repeater or play a quick game of Scale Runner. But, by the time the game loads and I'm actually playing, I've run out of time. Faster load/start times would be a big incentive to buy the PC version. (Assuming you leave your computers booted up and running all the time like I do.)

Comments also indicate that RS runs very nicely on PCs in general. I would expect the wide variation in PC set-ups to generate an equally wide variety of tech issues, but it's encouraging that most comments are favorable. Sounds like most demo users report Rocksmith displays smooth as silk on monitors.

Many of the most enthusiastic comments on the PC version have come from PS3 users. Some XBox users have also mentioned an improvement in performance. But, I'm very glad I went with the XBox platform last Christmas when I was trying to decide between XBox and PS3. Seems like PS3 users have had lots of trouble running RS on their consoles.

Loss of DLC?
The one nagging issue which Ubisoft has apparently declined to address so far is whether DLC purchased for XBox/PS3 consoles will be usable on the PC version. For loyal players who have purchased most of the 70 DLC songs offered to date, not being able to use those songs on the PC version would represent a significant loss. I have only bought 15 DLC songs and this issue is keeping me from buying the PC version. It's also preventing me from buying more DLC, just in case I do decide to buy the PC versions. Ubisoft should address this ASAP.

One thing that will force me to at least consider buying the PC version is that I could install it on a laptop and play Rocksmith just about anywhere that I'm willing to carry a guitar. And, I could still play on my home theatre system just like I do now by simply plugging the laptop into my TV and amp/tuner. A very intriquing possibility.

Wonder if I could sell my XBox console for enough to replace my DLC collection. . .


  1. i got the PC version last night but it took 12 hours to DL. That didn't matter, tho, as i was waiting on my RTC to come via UPS. waited ALL DAY for it to arrive... came at 7:15 PM!!!

    I have a pretty standard PC (core 2 quad, 8 gigs of ram, standard Hard drive, 3 year old video) and it runs just fine. No lag, loading time is very fast, saves are fast, i am just really pleased.

    I would expect that some laptops may struggle with the graphics end of it. Cheaper laptops usually have terrible video chipsets, and laptops designed for battery life forgo better graphics as a trade off. That said, i am sure the answer to how much video horsepower you need is a pretty easy google research now that the game is out. Heck, you can dl the demo and just see how it goes.

    Steam has been pretty cool - i like that you can legally install on multiple machines (you can only sign into one box at a time). One feature that i think will be big down the road is that steam allows for easy and i think free (to the devs) updates. I think it is possible that bugs such will get fixed faster on the PC than the xbox/ps3.

    Don't hold your breath on the DLC transferring. I don't think there is any way that happens.

    Anyway, played 3 hours today, got some RSP, made my fingers hurt, and had a blast. Gonna play another event, i think.


    1. So, Tim, did you actually get the full version? Or just the Beta? I'm slightly confused about what exactly has been released so far. I didn't think the full version was coming for a couple more weeks. At any rate, thanks for the input! Please chime back in on your experience as I likely won't buy the PC version for at least a little while.

  2. they released a free demo which is the 3 songs and a few guitarcade games. They also had a pre-order for RS where if you give them your $50 today, then you get a few add on and access to the "beta". the best i can tell, the beta is just like a Google beta in that they are basically saying "hey, this is mostly done, but if it blows up, don't be upset, it is just beta software". So if you buy today, you are getting the beta, but it is the full, everything available product. Oh, DLC isn't available for purchase, yet.

    I had all the visual settings cranked up last night and after a few hours, my video started to glitch, but i think it was just too much heat from the video card not getting exhausted out the back of the case. I have my fans set up for quiet, not for airflow. My PC is used for programming so the card i bought years ago was purchased for low heat/low noise with no concern for gaming. It is going to get replaced soon as i am going to get another monitor for work. I expect the new card will have no issues with RS or heat.


  3. Be careful because as far as I can tell Rocksmith does not work with windows XP and never will.

    The Rocksmith cable however works pretty darn good with windows XP. The cable will probably work with the majority of music studio software and amp modeling software. I am having a ball using Amplitube. I am a complete beginner. I don’t know how to play the guitar yet and I don’t even really know how to use the software but I am having a blast recording myself playing guitar! Give it a try cause I bet you will like it. Amplitude is also a blast. In my whole life I have never wanted to play the bass guitar. But then I saw people playing bass guitar on Rocksmith on YouTube and I was instantly hooked! Can’t wait to try it.