Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rocksmith Bass Status Update

In three weeks after downloading the Bass Expansion, I have played 16 Events, unlocked 4 secret squirrel songs, and played all but 4 of the available songs at least once during an Event. I have unlocked all of the bass guitars and techniques, but somehow I still have over 30 tones left to unlock. I've reached Gold level on all 5 of the bass-specific technique challenges. I'm sitting at Level 8, International Headliner, with 9,263,200 RSP.

I have mastered 5 songs on bass without doing any Riff Repeater work - just playing through the songs a few times to qualify for events. Virtually all of the songs that appear on my set-lists now have qualifying scores of 90,000. So, by the time I qualify a song for an event, I'm very close to mastering the song anyway. Here are the ones I've mastered so far:

High and Dry
Next Girl
Song 2

Angela is just like the guitar arrangement but without the solo, which makes it even easier. Took me 3 times to master Angela. I played it once to qualify for Event 2 and then I played it in Event 2. Then it showed up pre-qualified (?) on my set-list for Event 15. When I finished the event, the song was mastered. Last night I played this as my first bass Master Mode performance, scoring 202,694 with 99% accuracy. (There is one spot after the second verse where the basic riff is slightly modified - beware!)

Chimney showed up first as an encore for my first bass Event. It showed up later on my list for Event 14 and I mastered it in one play before playing it in the event. The other night I thought I had Mastered this one on the very first play. I was very excited. But, I forgot that I had actually played it once before as an encore. Still, not too shabby to master a song on the second play through!

High and Dry first popped up as the encore song for my Event 6. Then it reappeared on the setlist for Event 16 with a qualifying score of 90k. It took me four tries to qualify the song with a score of 98571. It was fully leveled up by then, so I tried one more time and mastered it on the 6th play through.

Next Girl was on my set-list for Event 2. I qualified on the first play with 86,174 and scored 89,750 at the event. I qualified it for Event 15 on the first try with 99,536. I took a shot at mastering it and got it on the 4th play with a score of 110,460.

Song 2 is a pain due to the Eb tuning, but it's an easy play. (Use a pick.) It first showed up as my second encore on Event 4. Then it took me two tries to qualify the song for Event 15. I mastered it on the 4th play through with 98% accuracy and a 234-note streak. Tried for 100% accuracy by couldn't get past 99% with a score of 108,784. (Blew it on the event and got a 94,917.)

I've got 9 more songs with scores over 100,000. (I Miss You is sitting at 146,198.) Just a matter of leveling up the phrases. I don't plan to deliberately master any more songs because doing that is just asking to get Master Mode Encores - and who wants that? Not me. I've got one more secret squirrel song to unlock!

This just illustrates the difference between bass and guitar on Rocksmith. Bass seems quite a bit easier as a rule. Which can make it more fun. I mean, I'd love to be able to rip through a lead guitar solo, but so far I just don't seem to have what it takes. On bass, I can lay down a solid back-riff without killing myself in Riff Repeater.

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