Saturday, September 29, 2012

The New Journey - Night 3. Surprising Speed Bumps

Night 3 was very busy. I played Events 7, 8, and 9 to climb back to Level 7 - International Support Act with 5,120,927 RSP. No double encores despite scoring 77,232 on the Event 7 encore  Take Me Out. I played 25 songs total, 5 at Event 7 (with encore), 7 at Event 8 (with one encore), and 5 at Event 9 (one encore). I qualified 6 songs for Event 10. I also played Hit Me with Your Best Shot and Where is My Mind (Chords) in Multiplayer Mode with my son.

Got a 100% accuracy (267 note streak) on When I'm with You. Unlocked 5 tones (i.e. broke 70k on 5 songs). And, I got the Hammer-On/Pull-Off and Slides Challenges up to Gold (99,243 and 97580). I noticed that actually picking the end-note of the slides made a huge difference on the Slides Challenge.

There's just a small handful of songs left in my song list that I haven't played since my restart. I'm 3 levels shy of where I was when I lost my game data - but 10,000,000 points behind. I get frustrated when I think of it, but all in all it's not so bad taking a fresh start.

Restarting Cures the Bass Bug?
I was very happy to discover that The Bass Bug does not seem to rear its ugly head if you restart from the beginning. I have unlocked two SSC songs so far on guitar. Last night I jumped over to the bass side just to see if these songs showed up on my song list in bass. They do. So, I'll continue on with guitar for a while before I restart my bass journey.

Tripped Up by Gobbledigook! 
The fact that I've played some songs before is not necessarily helping as I go through the Journey for the second time. Until last night, I had qualified every single song for an event on the first try. Pretty much what you'd expect since I've already played pretty much every song before, right?

Last night my setlist for Even 10 came up with two familiar oldies from Journey Pt.I: Gobbledigook and Islands. Now, I know Gobbledigook is possibly one of the least popular songs on Rocksmith (based on what I read in the Ubisoft forums). Islands doesn't seem to be a favorite, either. But, I always sort of liked both of those songs and I had worked both of them up to a reasonable degree of mastery during Journey Part I. I had Gobbledigook up to 80k+ and I had over 90k on Islands.

Last night I couldn't  play either one of them. Granted, I haven't played either song since May, so I didn't remember them off the top of my head. But, damn. It took me 4 times to qualify Gobbledigook at 40,200 (my 4th play through was a 42846  74/21). And, that was with several restarts. Islands was slightly better - only took me 3 times to qualify Islands with no restarts, but the qualifying score on that one was only 17,700 (I got 19,250  90/29 after three tries). No idea what that was all about. . . but I was very frustrated and a little peeved that I blew a perfect first-time qualifying record on these two songs!

I've also noticed while updating my spreadsheet that on some songs I got a lower "first time" score on my second journey than I did the very first time around. Odd. It's like knowing a song and forgetting how it goes makes it harder to play than never playing it before.

Venue Weirdness - May Need to Fire My Event Manager
The past couple of times that I've unlocked a new venue, RS doesn't tell me that I've unlocked it. Normally "the voice" comes up with a dialogue box and says, "Congratulations! You've unlocked a new venue." And, then you're taken on a virtual tour of the place. Well, I never got "the voice" or any other notice that I'd unlocked  Palace Hall. RS just jumped straight into the virtual tour. Same sort of thing happened when I unlocked The Hangar. But, since I don't have an Event booked at the Hangar yet I had to go into my song list and select "Perform" to figure out which venue had unlocked.

My Events seemed to be mixed up, too.  At Event 7, I unlocked The Epicenter. But, Event 8 was at Palace Hall. Then, I unlocked The Regency but my very next Event, Event 9, was at The Epicenter. I don't play The Regency until Event 10. Somehow Events 8 and 9 seem to have gotten switched up. Doesn't matter. It was just sort of confusing. Event 11 should be at The Hangar. We'll see.

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