Monday, September 24, 2012

Mystery Solved: Some Rocksmith Songs Have No Bass Arrangement

Recently I noticed that songs on my Bass Journey were reappearing for a second time, even though I still had four or five songs that I'd never played.

Specifically those songs are:
  Icky Thump
  When I'm with You
  Play with Fire
  Space Ostrich (a secret squirrel unlock song which I unlocked on guitar)

I posted this issue on the Ubisoft/Rocksmith Forums and someone suggested that these songs don't have bass arrangements. Sounded reasonable. But, I decided to verify that and I discovered that it's true. These four songs have no bass arrangement.

Not sure why. . . It actually sounds like there's bass in at least 3 of these songs. (Play with Fire is sort of a single acoustic guitar-sounding song.) But, there's no bass arrangement for any of these songs on RS. At least not at this point in time.

Which means that I have now officially played every single song on the original RS song list plus my modest collection of DLC on bass. And, now I'm working my way through the song list a second time.

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