Thursday, September 13, 2012

Secret Squirrel (Locked) Songs, High Qualification Scores, and Master Mode Encores

It's widely known that you can unlock songs on bass and play them on guitar. But, in the past my son and I were unable to play a song in multi-player mode if one of us had not unlocked the song yet. That made perfect sense to me, but the situation appears to have changed.

Last night my son and I were playing multi-player mode with him on his Strat and me on bass. I needed to qualify Six AM Salvation - one of the secret squirrel double-encore unlock songs - for my next event. I had unlocked this song on bass a while back. My son has not unlocked it yet, but we could play the song together in multi-player mode. (I was also able to qualify it for the next event (at 90k) and master it in multi-player mode.)

Even though all four songs in my event had qualifying scores of 90k, the event (my 17th on bass) wasn't too bad - until the encore. I've mastered a handful of songs on bass, so naturally I got a master mode encore last night. What a train wreck. I scored 42,667 on Song 2. In master mode. That would be a 21,333 in regular, non-master mode - a score that I normally beat even on songs I've never heard before! And, of course, my wife and kids were there watching the whole horrible tragedy unfold before their very eyes. Needless to say, I didn't get a double-encore.

I'd have to say that I am joining in the chorus of those calling for an end to master mode encores - or at least some serious reforms. Like, letting us know which song will appear as the MM encore BEFORE the event starts so you can rehearse it. What real band would ever pick a song they haven't played forever as an encore?

Strangely, I had played all four of the songs from last night in previous events - but I still have 4 songs that I've never played on bass at all. Wonder why they haven't shown up on a set-list yet while other songs have already appeared in at least two events? (I have a similar situation in guitar mode where the Jenny O song has NEVER appeared on a set-list.)

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