Friday, September 14, 2012

Easy-to-Master Rocksmith Bass Songs

I've mastered two more songs since the previous update. The whole list, with number of plays to master is as follows:

Song Title                     Plays to Master
Angela                                   3
Chimney                                2
High and Dry                         6
Next Girl                                4
Six AM Salvation                  5
Song 2                                    4
Where is my Mind?               3

I have not done any riff repeater work or made any special efforts to master any songs on bass. Basically, by just playing these songs through a few times I managed to level up all the phrases and score the required 100k.

Chimney is sort of the oddball here. My rehearsal note entries tell the story. Chimney first showed up as an encore on my Event 6. Then it showed up on my set-list for Event 16 with a qualifying score of 90k.

18-Aug-2012 57708  n/a  n/a Encore - Event 6
10-Sep-2012 72952 77 28  
10-Sep-2012 80456 88 28  
10-Sep-2012 81690 84 37  
10-Sep-2012 98571 85 33 Qualified @ 90,000 (4x)
10-Sep-2012 107003 93 64 MASTERED!!
10-Sep-2012 106324  n/a  n/a Event 16

It took me 4 tries to reach 90k. But, by the time I reached 90k, it took just one more play to get over 100k. It didn't take any riff repeater work to get the phrase levels up - it was just a matter of running through it enough to make the score.

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